Delayed House League Evaluations

House league evaluation days, which assist in balancing out teams will begin May 15.  With all the rain the diamonds will not officially open until then. See below for your players new times and cross your fingers for sunny skies!

After the evaluation days take place, your players will be placed with a team and you will be contacted by your team coach with all the necessary details.

*all evaluations will take place at Shannon’s Corners Little League Park (directions below)

  • formerly May 8 – Delayed to MAY 15, MINOR DIVISION (9-10 yr olds), 6:30-8:30
  • formerly May 9 – Delayed to May 16, MAJOR DIVISION (11-12 yr olds), 6:30-8:30
  • formerly May 10 – Delayed to May 17, JUNIOR DIVISION (13-15 yr olds), 6:30-8:30

All of our younger age players stay tuned, you will get started soon as well!

Please help us share the word and see everyone at the park! ⚾️

Shannon Corners Little League Park
2400 Perth Rd, Kingston, ON K0H 1S0

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