It was the first time Kingston ever hosted a provincial Intermediate Little League Championship and also the first time Kingston EVER won a Ontario Little League Championship of any kind. A huge congratulations goes out to head coach Ken Spicer and these amazing young men who played unbelievable baseball in beating a strong and very classy South Ottawa team.  You can check out lots of pics here.

Next up the boys make the small jaunt to BC where they will compete for the National Championships!  An unbelievable job by everyone involved!!!


Game Start Times

We hope that you’re all having fun so far in your respective leagues!!!  After assessing what we have for diamond availability and listening to some feedback from our valued members, we’re making some small changes:

a) All Grassroots, Rookie and Minor games will start at 6:00.  We need to make sure these future superstars are getting to bed at a good hour!

b) All Major and Junior games will start at 6:30, allowing the Gananoque teams to travel without making life too crazy, with the exception of …

c) Major and Junior games that were scheduled to be at the Cricket Field on Wednesdays have been moved to Shannon’s Corners at 8:00.  This is because we don’t quite have the proper dimensions needed at the Cricket Field for the older kids.  So they get a late game under the lights!

Please just email us if you have questions!

6:30 Start Time for House League Games

Okay baseballers – the season start is upon us!

In order to make things easier and less rushed for people, all house league games will start at 6:30 instead of 6:00.  This way, you can get home, have a healthy dinner and come to the park.

So, please be at the diamond by 6:15 at the latest and the ump will be yelling “Play Ball!!!” at 6:30!

Have a great season everyone!!!