Open Positions (Kingston Baseball Association)

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2024 Open Board Positions. 

Safety Officer

Safety Officer is an elected non-voting member who shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the on-field activities of the League are conducted according to Little League, Incorporated and Little League Canada mandated standards of safety.

  • Ensuring baseball diamonds are considered safe for use in co-operation with the Grounds Manager and the Vice-President Baseball Operations.

  • Ensuring that all baseball diamonds and/or equipment bags are equipped with First Aid Kits in co-operation with both the Grounds Manager and Equipment Manager.

  • Working with the Registrar to ensure that all volunteers have submitted to Police Reference Checks and have been approved by the Ottawa Police Service for working with the vulnerable sector.

  • Ensuring that coaches have had training in First Aid procedures in the event of baseball injuries in co-operation with the Vice-President of Coaching and Player Development.

  • Ensuring coaches submit accident reports to the League when situations arise.

Tournament Convenor
Tournament Convenor is an elected non-voting member who shall be responsible for:
○ Organizing tournaments hosted by the League, in co-operation with the President, Vice- President of Baseball Operations, Vice-President of
Coaching and Player Development, Treasurer, Web/Social Media Manager, Umpire-in-Chief, Grounds Manager.
○ Planning tournament logistics (including a proposed budget).
○ Promoting the tournament.
○ Populating and updating the tournament website.
○ Registering teams.
○ Organizing the concessions/food service.
○ Record game scores, make announcements, award game champions, and deal with issues that arise during the tournament,
including game disputes.
○ Recruiting required volunteers.
○ Ensuring umpires are booked.
○ Obtaining tournament awards/souvenirs.
○ Ensuring fields are prepared.

Web/ Social Media Manager
Web/Social Media Manager is an elected non-voting member who shall be responsible for:
○ Maintaining the League’s online presence through its website and social media platforms.
○ Posting information in a timely manner and/or grant access for posting information to appropriate Executive members.
○ Ensuring all content presents a positive and professional image of the League.

Equipment Manager
Equipment Manager is an elected non-voting member who shall be responsible for:
○ Purchasing and maintaining all player equipment and supplies required by the League for the running of its programs.
○ Issuing, tracking, collecting, cleaning and storing League equipment and supplies.

Fields Maintenance
Grounds Manager is an elected non-voting member who shall be responsible for:
○ Care and maintenance of the diamonds, structures, and grounds.
○ In co-operation with the Vice-President of Baseball Operations, maintaining League diamonds in a safe, playable condition by providing the necessary
field maintenance equipment and recruiting volunteers to prepare diamonds for league games and tournaments.

League Convenors: 
2024 Convenors required for 

~ Rookie
~ Minor  
~ Major
~ Junior

Manage the Division within the spirit, rules, and regulations of Little League Baseball and the KBA and act on behalf of coaches to ensure issues and communications are brought to the attention of the President. 

Assist with communications regarding managers/coaches are provided schedules, House League rules, equipment, paperwork and team lists  prior to the commencement of the season. 

Attend the coaches meeting prior to the season 

Monitor division scores and standings. 

Ensure that managers/coaches are acting within the spirit, rules and regulations of KBA and Little League Baseball. 

Assist in organizing Opening Day and year end Tournaments. 

Coordinate with coaches to return equipment at the end of the season.